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OUCCOffice of Utility Consumer Counselor (Indiana)
OUCCOxford University Cave Club
OUCCOpen University Chapel Choir (est. 1987)
OUCCOxford University Cycling Club (UK; est. 1873)
OUCCOhio University Christ College
OUCCOfficial Unsecured Creditors Committee (bankruptcy court)
OUCCOvernight Urinary Cortisol/Creatinine (ratio)
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Despite the new coal contract, the OUCC said IP&L's coal inventory currently is within target levels of 25 to 50 days.
The OUCC spoke with the utility about the issue of coal freezing in rail cars on its way to Petersburg or after it gets there.
As the BIC continues to do important research for the benefit of all Hoosiers, the OUCC is pleased to see this partnership continue.
This latest funding is in addition to an earlier $1 million Duke Energy grant to the BIC for energy storage research, under the terms of a previous settlement agreement among Duke Energy, the OUCC, and other parties in regard to the development of the Edwardsport plant.
With the transformation, OUCC will see high-margin specialty-chemical products account for 60% of its total sales from the sub-45% currently, helping it to retain growth in profitability.
OUCC used to specialize in producing EG (ethylene glycol), whose volatile prices have forced the company to diversify into the high-margin special-chemicals.
"One of the great strengths of OUCC expeditions is the number of new cavers we bring in," says team member Chris Rogers.
The OUCC, Indiana's utility consumer watchdog, said decrement pricing is not without some risk for customers because it can force them to pay for uneconomic coal units to run, as opposed to paying the cost incurred by utilities buying power at a lower rate from the wholesale market.
However, the OUCC added that the impact of decrement pricing must be weighed against other costs incurred by a utility, such as storage fees for coal kept at the mine, storage fees with a third party, and the impact of taking generating units offline, and other related expenses.
We appreciate Duke Energy, the OUCC and the Battery Innovation Center making this possible for us.
The OUCC also warned the twin moves could cause coal suppliers to be reluctant to bid into future Vectren coal solicitations.