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OUCHOrganization for Understanding Cluster Headaches
OUCHOrder of Underwater Coral Heroes
OUCHOntario Universities Competition for Hip Hop (Canada; est. 2003)
OUCHOxford University Club Hurriers (formerly Mansfield Road Runners; UK)
OUCHOrganization of United Church Homes
OUCHOnline Uncertain Constraint Handling
OUCHOrnstein-Uhlenbeck Models for Comparative Hypotheses
OUCHOpportunities to Understand Childhood Hurt Laboratory (Canada)
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He said Jabbar Khan was killed by unknown persons in the limit of Ouch police station on June 2 and solution of this case was a challenge for the police.
Similarly 400 student chairs, office tables and chairs, white boards, 10 steel cupboards, 3 electronic water coolers, sofa set, 15 ceiling fans and three desktop computers with all accessories were also provided to Government Girls High School (GGHS) Ouch of Adenzai Sub-Division.
Ouch #3: As if the weakened housing market was not cause enough for a headache for woodworking machinery sellers, the weak U.
Our Ouch Point survey findings uncover issues that virtually every type of organization can benefit from, by yielding insight into what most dissatisfies their customers and employees," said Jeff Resnick, President of Opinion Research Corporation in the US.
Station House Officer Ouch Police Station, Roshan Zada told journalists that Gul Sher, son of deceased Tajbar Khan has confessed to killing of his father Tajbar Khan after he was interrogated.
In the last wave of applications, pounds 81,620 was shared out among groups including the Ouch Project of Deckham, Blaydon Writers, Gateshead Sea Cadets, Advocacy in Gateshead and South Tyneside and various sports teams and out-of-school clubs.
And there's the weird pervert costume right next to it, ouch.
Liverpool kopped Crouch - or Peter Ouch, as I have now dubbed him, from Southampton for a cool pounds 7,000,000.
The 54-year-old Pembrokeshire mum of two who now runs a helpline on behalf of the charity, OUCH UK (Organisation for the Understanding of Cluster Headaches) says: 'I was typical of many sufferers who have spent years misdiagnosed with migraine, sinusitis, hay fever, or are told we are exaggerating the symptoms.
When she's in the studio and she says, 'Don't make me come up here, I'll get to whuppin' on both of you' - ouch,'' says co-director Tom McGarth.
But there's a rolling motion as well, so the whole catalogue of movements goes something like up, weightless, down, ouch, roll left, ricochet off a wave, ouch, roll right, ricochet off another wave, ouch, up, down, ouch.
The latest Ouch Point survey from Opinion Research Corporation (an infoUSA Company)(NASDAQ:IUSA) reveals Americans' chief complaints about family gatherings, with misbehaving children and the expense and hassle of traveling topping the list.