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OUDOffice of Urban Development (various locations)
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Described as the 'fragrance of the 21st Century' by perfume industry cognoscenti, Oud or 'Agarwood', as it is also known, has been the 'flavour of the month' for more months than does the phrase credit.
The same applies to the oud, whose source tree, Aquilaria, is threatened with extinction, due to wild logging; sourced from Laotian plantations where the trunks are harvested by hand, the oud we use comes from a supply chain that respects the environment and the producers.
Arabian Oud produces an average of 25 million perfume bottles per year, with around 25,000 sales transactions per day.
In the Middle East, where Oud is a highly valued and priced fragrance, the largest market with 90% of trade is Saudi Arabia where around $1.
Al Tayer added: "This project encompasses the construction of a three-lane bridge from Oud Metha Road (nearby Latifa Hospital) in the direction of Sheikh Rashid Road and from there to the Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Saada Road (viaduct leading to the Dubai World Trade Centre) extending 700 metres with a capacity to handle around 3300 vehicles per hour.
Our Oud oil quality and supply are guaranteed by ISO 9001:2008 certificates for plantation and factory management and secured production capacity with our own raw material supply (Agarwood trees).
The heady fragrance greets you much ahead of the lobby where Al Husn Perfumes is organising an oud exhibition at the Opera Galleria.
For years, the sea generously provided heaps of fish for fishermen like Oud, but the once-plentiful aquatic expanse is no longer as giving as it once was.
The interior walls are then cleansed with rose, oud and musk perfumes using white cloth.
But it's oud above all that provides Shelter Island's unique flavor.
The growth and acceptance of oud as an important ingredient has been significant in the creation of new fragrance brands.