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OUDOpioid Use Disorder
OUDOffice of Urban Development (various locations)
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Al Tayer added: "This project encompasses the construction of a three-lane bridge from Oud Metha Road (nearby Latifa Hospital) in the direction of Sheikh Rashid Road and from there to the Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Saada Road (viaduct leading to the Dubai World Trade Centre) extending 700 metres with a capacity to handle around 3300 vehicles per hour.
Yet regardless of the conditions, Oud carries on because of his passion for the job, and at 69 years old there is little else he can do.
Ahmed, who has been playing the oud since the age of eight, holds an honorary doctorate in music.
Arabian Oud is currently regarded as the number one brand in the region and 11th globally in producing the finest luxury perfumes, a statement said.
"Many people can make the oud, but I wanted a challenge--to bring back the turbi." In the 1980s, Al-Qotari established a small studio in the Old City devoted to his turbi-making.
A part of local culture, Oud plays an essential role in everyday life and is used as a mark of respect and hospitality.
Local perfume giant Rasasi sells oud oils worth Dh5,000 per 12ml.
The Oud Metha Service Centre is one of dunia's 19 financial centres located across the UAE.
He is a teacher at the Bahrain Music Institute, Mahooz and his student oud ensemble has performed at various venues across Bahrain, including at the Cultural Hall in Manama last June.
Authorities in Liege and the suspect's lawyer confirmed media reports that Aid Oud has twice been convicted of sex attacks on young girls.
But dreams of Wimbledon vanished when he first encountered the oud. "I was 12 years old when my teacher brought this instrument into school.