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Down south they sell them - to zemindars and such-all of Oudh.'
They are the undisputed 'Kings of Oudh' and the 'Emperors of Agarwood'.
Derived from the essence of agarwood trees, oudh can take up to 40 years to harvest, and can cost tens of thousands of dollars per kilo.
As the demand for oils and fragrances made from oudh grew, Ajmal became one of the foremost suppliers of high quality oudh to the Middle East.
The Aloeswood oil termed as 'oudh' in the Middle East is highly valued for its fragrance, it can go upto astonishingly high prices due to the level of demand that exists.
In the gloom I came to two metal posts holding a bronze plaque which said 'Rulers of Oudh' just visible over a tangle of tall wild grass and cactus.
With barely a word of introduction the Princess launched into a twenty minute monologue of the saga of the Royal House of Oudh.
The Prince and Princess are the son and daughter of the famous Begum of Oudh, whom Princess Sakina describes in her strong resounding voice as 'Her Highness' and 'The Regnant, The Supreme Being of States, The Strong Head of Wills'.