OUHOdense University Hospital (Denmark)
OUHOil Unit Heater
OUHOffline Unit Hours
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The evidence of the diphthongisation OH > OUH is rather meagre.
Rolle (Yks) 6 1 c1390 Lay-Folks Mass Book (Yks) 4 1 14c Gast of Gy (Yks) 1 1 14c Northern Passion (Yks) 7 8 a1400 Sir Ysumbras (Yks) 7 c1400 Ywain and Gawain (Yks) 7 5 c1410 Sir Eglamour (Yks) 3 c1410 Sir Perceval of Gales (Yks) 6 4 c1420 Avowing of Arthur (Cum) 2 1 c1450 Sege of Melayne (Yks) 6 3 c1475 Robert of Knaresborough (Yks) 7 Y(E) OH OUH OW(E) UH (NER) c1275 Surtees Psalter 4 c1320 Horn Childe 5 c1327 Castelford's Chr.
Prior information notice without call for competition: Mammography apparatus, clinical mammography, OUH Odense University Hospital, Odense.
The framework agreement is intended for use by Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Isle of Wight NHS Trust, Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, (Please note: OUH has a specific separate contract for chemotherapy and would only use the dose-banded contract in the unlikely event that the local contract was terminated), Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust,
Contact person: Projektorganisationen for Nyt OUH v/vicedirektr Peter Holm
Contract notice: Subproject 02 - Preliminary works, site New OUH.
Offering comprises pipe-laying (delivery, assembly (welding), assembly, test and documentation) for domestic water, tap water and cooling in connection with the preparation of the site for the New OUH.
OUH JAY sprang a 66-1 shock (matched at a pre-race high of 420 on Betfair) in the opener at Ludlow, and some in running layers were still opposing her at big prices down the back straight when she was travelling well within herself in front, holding a comfortable advantage.