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OUIOperating Under the Influence
OUIOrganizationally Unique Identifier
OUIOrganizacion Universitaria Interamericana (Spanish: Inter-American Organization for Higher Education)
OUIOpen Usability Interface
OUIOperating Under the Influence (Maine, USA)
OUIOperator User Interface
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MAIS OUI," he said, and D'Arnot laughed aloud to hear the phrase that he used so often glide from Tarzan's tongue.
A ballad, a ballad,'' said the hermit, ``against all the ocs and ouis of France.
13) Virgilio appealed this conviction, claiming the place on which she was operating her vehicle was not a way or place to which members of the public have access as invitees or licensees and, therefore, was not within the reach of the Massachusetts OUI Statute.
Under its original language, the Massachusetts OUI Statute applied only to operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence "upon any way or in any place to which the public has a right of access.
Chief among them: A conviction for OUI is only considered a subsequent offense if it occurs after a previous conviction.
Annual OUI Membership Fee is USD $1,000 (or local currency equivalent).
Use OUI resources to educate students who are enrolled at your
In December alone, Worcester's courts have seen at least six more arraignments on second or subsequent OUI charges, only one of which has been fully adjudicated - resulting in two years of probation.
The OUI (operating under the influence) arrests have created a mountain of paperwork," Laverdure said.
And, with the likes of CUIS GHAIRE, OUI SAY OUI and RARE RANSOMin the line-up tomorrow, this year's race is no different.
WEE, WEE Derry City's Brandywell can hold just 3,000 Supporters' OUI, OUI
OUI 2 ARE ONE: {Pair chuckle before the business meeting; CHEEK TO CHEEK: Chirac grins broadly as he hugs Schroeder yesterday; Pictures: REUTERS