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OULOracle Unbreakable Linux (software)
OULOutdoor Utility Lighter (Zippo)
OULOulu, Finland - Oulu (Airport Code)
OULOhio University- Lancaster
OULObservatorio Urbano Local (Spanish: Local Urban Observatory; various locations)
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Johnny Feane, trainer of Not A Bad Oul Day He's been very progressive but has gone up 8lb for winning last time and that'll make life tough.
"This round of EPA approvals marks the completion of a majority of our Class 8 truck OUL emissions testing," said APG CEO Lyle Jensen.
Sadly she records awful oul' rubbish that sells by the planet load to those who lead exciting lives - like accountants.
Now that good oul Wes has replaced his garish green souped-up motor, maybe Rosanna won't be so hasty to dash off with the nearest aging billionaire.
A TOWERING 20-stone councillor slapped a newspaper editor across the face during a booze-fuelled VIP knees-up to launch the world-famous Oul' Lammas Fair.
Reminded me of the time, while working in Ballymoney, an acquaintance declared: "I see Trimble and Hume won that oul Mobile Peace Prize".
but bejaaaysus I could be dead in weeks with this oul bird flu...
And also popping in for a right oul' knees-up is Cockney pop duo Chas 'n' Dave .
We're giving away 10 CD's of the Saw Doctors new album, Same Oul' Town.
The small Cabinet meeting also decided to create a new delegation in Hichria (Governorate of Sidi Bouzid) as well as administrative service houses in "Sabbalet Ouled Asker", "Bir Hfay", "Jelma", "Saida "Souk Jedid" and "Ouled Haffouz".