OULESOxford University Light Entertainment Society (England)
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In Brittany, too, fishermen's families developed a tradition of preserving sardines in oil or butter in jars called oules. Not surprisingly, then, it was a Breton, Joseph Colin of Nantes, who produced the first canned sardines in 1824, using the latest technology.
Recognition of the limitations of the TSAT marker stems from several studies demonstrating functional iron deficiency in dialysis and predialysis patients with TSATs greater than or equal to 20% or serum ferritin levels greater than or equal to 100 ng/ml (Fishbane, Frei, & Maesaka, 1995; Fishbane, Kowalski, Imbriano, & Maesaka, 1996; Granolleras, Oules, Branger, Fourcade, & Shaldon, 1993; Macdougall et al., 1996; Silverberg et al., 1996).