OULIOverseas Untied Loan Insurance (Japanese finance)
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Abdoulaye, aged 32, travels to Willenhall in Coventry twice a month to visit friends from his home in London, while 37-year-old Ouli lives in Hillfields with her three-year-old daughter Amie.
We've done a number of infrastructure improvements--we've developed two wells on the Ka'u property, we're presently drilling brackish wells at Puako for the golf courses, and we have a well at Ouli. As Tom said, most of the land on the Big Island that we purchased had to go through the entitlement process, which obviously is very complex and involved.
While hospitalized, she underwent detoxification by gradually reducing clonazepam, under medical supervision, from a dose of up to 8 mg/day through to its suspension, and with pregabalin of 75 mg/day as an adjuvant, an alternative drug for detoxification treatment (Oulis & Konstantakopoulos, 2012).
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Whilest Oulis et al suggested that breast feeding might play a preventive role in Early Child hood Caries (ECC).21 Gasparoni et al found, later weaning as the only variable associated with increased Early Child hood Caries (ECC).22 In contrast, other studies suggested that, children who were breast-fed for longer periods, and especially at night time increases the risk of dental caries.23,24,25,26,27,28
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