OUMNHOxford University Museum of Natural History (UK)
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Many thanks are due to the curators of collections for access to the specimens: Claire Mellish at NHMUK, Sarah King and Stuart Ogilvy at YORYM, Eliza Howlett at OUMNH, Dennis Parsons at TTNCM, Stefan Meng and Jorg Ansorge at EMAUG, Alexander Rasnitsyn and Irina Sukacheva at PIN, and Bo Wang at NIGPAS.
Adult male, deposited at OUMNH. Type locality: PAKISTAN, Islamabad, 33[degrees]40>56>>N, 73[degrees]6>44>>E, 27-VII-2000, 700 m swept, mixed vegetation, Coll.
Abbreviations.--ALE = anterior lateral eye, AME = anterior median eye, MOQ = median ocular quadrate, MS = Manju Siliwal, Neo = Neotype, NHM = Natural History Museum, PLE = posterior lateral eye, OUMNH = Oxford University Museum of Natural History, PME = posterior median eye, PLS = posterior lateral spinnerets, PMS = posterior median spinnerets, STC = Superior or paired tarsal claws, WILD = Wildlife Information Liaison Development Society.