OUOOfficial-Use Only
OUOOf Unknown Origin (band)
OUOOK under Obama (politics)
OUOOxford University Orchestra
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OUO can be grouped into three classes: reliability-based design optimization (RBDO), robust design optimization (RDO) and reliability-based robust design optimization (RBRDO).
edncm) MO MUM / OUO (Mall) MQ RIMM (rim, a membrane--oed) / RIQQ MU IMMES (immeasurable--oed) / IUUES (Jew-oed) NO INN / IOO (see LO) NQ RINN (run--oed) / RIQQ NX FINN / FIXX OP OAO (see DO) / PAP OQ OIO (Hawaiian ladyfish) / QIQ (mutiny-Klingon) OT OEO (New Zealand) / TET OV OAO (see DO) / VAV (see IV) (tate--oed) OW DOOE (doe--oed) / DWWE OX OEO (New Zealand) / XEX (El (due--oed) Xex in Guatemala) PQ RIPP (reap--oed) / RIQQ PU OPPER (Chile) / OUUER (over--oed) PX FOPP (fop n.