OUPSOhio Utilities Protection Service
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Among the eight patients in our case series, patients 1,2,3,5,6 and 7 were diagnosed with PHA secondary to OUP together with UTI.
In infants with OUP, UTI may not always be present during sodium deflection.
During the course of urethral obstruction, inflammatory changes developing in the renal parenchyma may cause tubular interstitial fibrosis in different degrees and decrease in the number of nephrons.9 In our study, in the other 6 patients with OUP, except for patient 4 (died when 18 days old), UTI was present when salt loss was found.
In our study, the other six OUP patients, apart from patient 7, had impaired renal function.
The highlight of the event was the workshop on Learning and Teaching in the Classrooms of Tomorrow conducted by the popular OUP author, Nicholas Horsburgh.
What standards has OUP set in publishing high-quality textbooks in Pakistan?
When it comes to publishing a textbook, OUP tries to find authors who can present original information and analysis in a well-substantiated manner.
How is the OUP encouraged to cater to a diverse spectrum of readers?
How has OUP encouraged strong reading habits in Pakistan?
OUP effects provide some primary evidence for serial letter processing when naming words.
First, we wanted to examine whether we could find evidence for serial letter processing in reading by extending the OUP results to a more natural reading environment by recording participants' eye movements during sentence reading.
Experiment 1 compared reading times for early OUP words to those for late OUP words.