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OUSEOffice of University and Science Education
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"There was the old party what engaged me a waitin' in the 'ouse at Purfleet.
So long as this 'ouse is known indefinite as Billickin's, and so long as it is a doubt with the riff-raff where Billickin may be hidin', near the street-door or down the airy, and what his weight and size, so long I feel safe.
'Things cannot too soon be put upon the footing,' said she, with a candour so demonstrative as to be almost obtrusive, 'that the person of the 'ouse is not a box nor yet a bundle, nor a carpet- bag.
ack said"oth our families hae receied support from ope ouse in the past and we would like to GIE something back to say thank you."
This illustrated oral memoir details a bygone era on the River Ouse in Yorkshire, offering the recollections of bargeman Laurie Dews of Selby, the last generation of a family of bargemen on the Yorkshire Ouse.
Flowers left by the River Great Ouse in Bedford, close to where mother-of-three Leanne Gordon drowned
In that role, he was recently invited to accompany two RAFA colleagues to a welfare meeting at Linton on Ouse.
The exhibition will detail how upper levels, accessed off Ouse Street, are planned to host residen tial properties of between one and five bedrooms.
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