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OUSTOffice of Underground Storage Tanks (US EPA)
OUSTOffice of the United States Trustee (bankruptcy)
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UEFA president Michel Platini, who claimed they would "look at all options" to try to oust Blatter, said: "I am proud UEFA has defended and supported a movement for change at FIFA.
Announcing the results of the balloting, Deputy Speaker Agha gave ruling that the resolution to oust Bhootani from the office of Speakership is adopted with majority and Bhootani is no more Speaker of Balochistan Assembly.
Work and Pensions Secretary Alan Johnson rejected claims that Mr Brown is about to oust Mr Milburn, insisting that the two men are working closely together.
We are almost daily challenged by the mucky world of electoral politics--by coalition building with groups that have very little in common aside from their desire to oust Bush, by a marginal presence in many areas and negligible resources almost everywhere and by the overwhelming challenge of learning (in little less than a year) the terminology, players and processes of a power ring we never before fought in.
The war inside Iraq feeds the second of Iraq's three wars: the conflict between the United States and those countries, especially in Europe, that questioned whether a war to oust Saddam was really necessary.
But the campaign to oust Milosevic was organized mostly by guys in blue blazers carting around boxes of campaign stickers.
The basic question is whether voters will oust the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) from the presidency.
The complaint filed today alleges that Randolph Deer and Wayne Zink of Indianapolis, Indiana, principals in The Raintree Group LLC and DZ Enterprises, have engaged in fraud, civil racketeering and breach of contract in an attempt to secure control of ESCC and oust its president and founder.