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OUSTOffice of Underground Storage Tanks (US EPA)
OUSTOffice of the United States Trustee (bankruptcy)
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On that note, Turkey wants to oust the Kurds, which it calls terrorists, from Afrin region that lies across its southern border.
Independent observers said the PSD is likely unhappy with Grindeanu's failure to relax anti-corruption rules earlier this year and wanted to oust him to ensure a different premier does more to protect party seniors facing graft charges.
We are almost daily challenged by the mucky world of electoral politics--by coalition building with groups that have very little in common aside from their desire to oust Bush, by a marginal presence in many areas and negligible resources almost everywhere and by the overwhelming challenge of learning (in little less than a year) the terminology, players and processes of a power ring we never before fought in.
The war inside Iraq feeds the second of Iraq's three wars: the conflict between the United States and those countries, especially in Europe, that questioned whether a war to oust Saddam was really necessary.
But the campaign to oust Milosevic was organized mostly by guys in blue blazers carting around boxes of campaign stickers.
You have ousted Nawaz Sharif from the prime minister office, but you cannot oust him from the hearts of the people.
He claims the 'cases against him were filed to oust him from power.
GREG DYKE promised to carry on the fight to oust Sepp Blatter - and claimed he will not last his fifth term in charge.
At a news conference in the Russian southern city of Rostov, Yanukovych described the Ukrainian parliament's decision to oust him as "illigitimate," calling on those who took over power in Kiev to step aside and abide by agreements that would address the political crisis in the country.
After all this, we should not be surprised by the fact that Skopje's mufti was ousted on Friday with punches from the Isabeg mosque and now IVZ requires help from the state to oust the radical currents.
The Citizens Clean Elections Commission voted to oust Smith earlier in the year for violating public campaign financing law.