OUTCOtago University Tramping Club (New Zealand)
OUTCOut for Undergraduate Technology Conference (sexual orientation organization)
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Both countries are expected to make a succ essf ul outc ome of the 20 July 2010 international conference held at Kabul.
But last night Mr Herron said that since the hearing, he has continued his campaign and has deliberately collected a ticket every day on Fredrick Street despite the hearing outc ome.
The contributing authors all have a point of view to express, but taken as a whole, the threads can be drawn together to enable researchers and managers, both as practical authors, to make sense for themselves of some of the theoretical bases and the outc omes for dialogical action.
Pearson product moment correlations were used to assess the relationship between the age, age at diagnosis, and years since diagnosis with each of the outc ome variables and also to assess the relationship among the different outcome variables.
Given the uncertainty and unpredictability characteristic to urban environments and the multiple visions, preferences and values involved, deliberation with respect to outc omes seems a reasonable prospect to pursue.
Although return on investment does not represent all facets of an ICV's ultimate outc ome, the above results at least show that attachment between boundary spanners makes a strong contribution to profitability.
We might wonder, for example, whether some of the same factors limiting the employment outc omes of disabled young women also limit their college attendance.
That is, employees may fall to see that their individual performance is connected in some way to organizational performance and may not believe there is much they can do personally to affect organizational outc omes.
Several studies have examined how characteristics of individuals (aggressive behavior, feeding efficiency) may change with changes in physicochemical factors but without considering the competitive outc ome at the population level (Hartman 1966, Baltz et al.
337, 346 n.30 (noting "a strong positive relationship between uncertainty of outc and settlement"); see also Eisenberg, supra note 10, at 210.