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OUTCASTOA (Objective Are), User, Terrain, Communications, Airspace, SLAP (Solar Lunar Almanac Program) Data/WX (Weather), Threat
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Anybody can see that between the last paragraph of "An Outcast" and the first of "The Lagoon" there has been no change of pen, figuratively speaking.
An outcast himself from the pack of the part-grown dogs, his sanguinary methods and remarkable efficiency made the pack pay for its persecution of him.
"Am I in my right senses?" He suddenly sprang on the outcast, and seized him by the throat.
At the sound of her voice the outcast renewed the struggle to free himself, with a sudden frenzy of strength which Crayford was not able to resist.
In all seasons of calamity, indeed, whether general or of individuals, the outcast of society at once found her place.
On their respectable authority he introduced himself meekly to strangers as a "black sheep." I have never seen a more guileless specimen of an outcast. Never.
He was an outcast. He told me of his childhood in the tidy brick house, and of his mother's passionate orderliness.
She had made one last appeal to friends, but, against the chill wall of their respectability, the voice of the erring outcast fell unheeded; and then she had gone to see her child - had held it in her arms and kissed it, in a weary, dull sort of way, and without betraying any particular emotion of any kind, and had left it, after putting into its hand a penny box of chocolate she had bought it, and afterwards, with her last few shillings, had taken a ticket and come down to Goring.
To her previous tortures was added now that sense of mortification and of being an outcast which she had felt so distinctly on meeting Kitty.
Increase of knowledge only discovered to me more clearly what a wretched outcast I was.
I am full of fears, for if I fail there, I am an outcast in the world forever.'
"Among my good friends the outcasts. A little more or a little less and I should have been hanged.