OUTPOutput Port
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Where [[beta].sub.1] to [[beta].sub.8] are the coefficients of the benefit packages, and the attributes: Pubh (public hospitals benefits), Prich (private hospitals benefits), Outp (Outpatient benefits), Dent (dental coverage), Rep (rehabilitation and Para-clinical benefits), Lt (long-term care), Md (benefits for medical devices), and Prem (Premium) included in the analysis, and [epsilon] is the error term.
0.01 Villajoyosa 0.002 21 Alcoy 0.01 Elda 0.001 22 Villajoyosa 0.01 Gandia 0.001 23 Denia 0.01 Vinaroz 0.000 24 Vinaroz 0.01 Alcoy 0.000 Emergencies % Outp. Consultation % 1 La Fe 20.71 La Fe 18.06 2 Requena 4.29 General Valencia 3.32 3 Alicante 3.94 Manises 3.01 4 Clinico 3.53 Alicante 2.70 5 La Ribera 2.54 Clinico 2.29 6 General Valencia 2.34 Elche 1.71 7 Sa gunto 2.31 La Ribera 1.57 8 Manises 2.09 Dr.
It wasn took the le Bertrand f left to outp his low cr Dusan Tad Only a b save stopp the lead ju second wa James W kick to th Zappaco n't a surprise when Saints ead after 21 minutes - Ryan found yards of space on the pace Cesar Azpilicueta and ross was cut back to where Dic was waiting to finish.
The surplus compares to AaAaAeA@1/488.5m or 0.5 per cent of economic outp for the same period in 2016.
(West Coast refineries, particularly those in Washington state, once got most of their crude fromAaAeAeA Alaska, but that state's outp now is about 500,000 b/d, down from over 2m b/d in 1988.
Caption: Figure 3: Schematic diagram of modeling system for further hydration (InP represents inner products, OutP represents outer products, and UHC represents unhydrated cement particles) [31].
Surface soil samples (0-25 cm) were collected from: (i) one site where OMW from the neighbouring mill was disposed directly onto soil during March-June, every year (SA); (it) three active sites where soil samples were taken from points outside the pond walls and selected downslope distances (OutP); (Hi) inside the disposal ponds of the active sites (AP); (iv) two inactive ponds (IP) that had been used for the disposal of OMW for almost 20 years but have been inactive for the last 9 years; (v) banks of seasonal streams (R) downstream from SA; (vi) control soils, in uphill sampling points, representative of soils in areas where no OMW disposal had ever occurred and soil contamination was essentially non-existent.
FlameAaAaAeA~o and Vergel de Dios recovered from a first round 73.5 outp at Legends with a solid 64-point effort at Masters for a 137.5 aggregate as they repulsed Mario Naval and Kaloy IAaAaAeA~igo, who failed to susta a 71 start with a closing 67.5 for a 138.5 total, for the Group 2 crown in the event backed by hole-in-one sponsors Yamaha by Kart Plaza, Mizuno Sports and Wilson Sports.