OUVOutstanding Universal Value (World Heritage Forum)
OUVOskar Ursinus Vereinigung (German: Oskar Ursinus Association)
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The training will introduce participants to advanced concepts, procedures, and sources of information associated with the preparation of OUV.
The case for tall buildings at Clarence Dock has not been made and impact on the OUV of the WHS and setting of a range of designated heritage assets would be harmful.
Writing on Facebook, Cllr Kennedy said: "Unesco's position would be that filling in BM dock would harm the OUV of the 'property', as they call it.
The sustainable tourism strategy elaborated during the workshop outlined 5 strategic objectives which aimed at increasing stakeholders understanding and appreciation of OUV for the preservation of the WH site; ensuring the development that support the authenticity of the Cultural Landscape of Bali Province (CLBP); empowering local communities to directly engage in sustainable tourism; developing a visitor management system that minimizes negative impacts and enhances the visitor experience; and encouraging the development of sustainable tourism products and services that respects the local cultural values.
A Heritage Impact Assessment carried out by Blok Architecture included with this planning application said: "In overall terms, the proposals do not impact on OUV, and preserve the authenticity and integrity of the property.