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OVAOriginal Video Animation
OVAOpen Virtualization Alliance
OVAOutlook Voice Access (software)
OVAOrganic Vapor Analyzer (analytical chemistry)
OVAOffice of Veterans Affairs (various locations)
OVAOntario Volleyball Association (Canada)
OVAOpen Virtual Appliance (computer programming)
OVAOptical Vector Analyzer
OVAOverhead Value Analysis
OVAOntario Veal Association
OVAOpenvera Assertions
OVAOffice Validation Assistant (Microsoft)
OVAOhio Vocational Association
OVAOwners Value Added
OVAOzark Virtual Airlines
OVAOfficier Van Administratie (Dutch)
OVAOverflow Flag for Accumulator A in STO
OVAOccurrence, Variance & Accident
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Briefly, a 96-well microtiter plate coated with OVA (10 mg/mL) was treated with BALF or sera followed by treatment with rat anti-mouse IgE (biotin-conjugated; Pharmingen, USA).
According to the article, the team used 126 ova donated by nine women aged between 23 and 31 in the United States in a project authorized by a college ethics committee.
2 ml/well), and either left unstimulated or re-stimulated with OVA (50 [micro]g/ml) for 96 h.
Sensitization by intraperitoneal (ip) injection, followed by inhalation challenge with OVA elicits expansion of the T helper-2 (Th2) lymphocyte population.
There the female expelled multiple ova into the cerebellum.
Each OVA Worldwide partner is firmly anchored within its home market, but is also empowered to export and deliver sophisticated real estate services nationally and globally.
Nounona yo vomido di li pokati ko 15 no 19 ova popya kutya ova mona omahepeko opalutu nookuya momilele.
His method is to freeze ova after using ovulation stimulants and to extract the ova later using the same methods of IVF operations.
Infection in humans is by accidental ingestion of Toxocara canis ova containing L2.
Among the issues the ministry's Legislative Council is expected to discuss are whether the woman who donated ova or the surrogate mother should be identified as the mother of the baby born from donated ova, and whether the donor of the sperm or the husband of the surrogate mother should be identified as the father of the baby.
Have several female children occupy the space of each ovary by standing within the boundary of the twine to play the role of the ova.