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OVAROff-Vertical Axis Rotation (neurology)
OVAROttawa Valley Associated Railroaders
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The sand spit in front of Ovar (town located at a distance of 4.5 km from the coast) was formed between the eleventh and twelfth centuries and the first reference to Furadouro in medieval documents dates from 1354.
OVAR approach does not impose any standard model to define the mission and objectives;
Los derivados de hueso, huerfano, huevo, hueco, no llevan h: osamenta, osario, osambre, oseo; orfandad, orfelina, orfanato; ovario, oval, ovalo, ovalar, ovar, ovillo; oquedad (Gamez, 1928, p.
Salivary steriod hormones have been used to assess ovar ian func tion during in vitro fertilization, [18] when monitoring hormone replacement therapy of postonenopausal women and the risk for preterm labour, [19,20] to evaluate child health and development, [21] and to study mood and congnitive emotional behaviour [22].
Permanent human occupation dates from the mid- 19th century, with the settlement of families of fishermen from the neighbouring communities of Afurada and Ovar, which resulted in the establishment of three communities by the sea (city of Espinho, village of Silvalde and village of Paramos), which developed over the years due to the association of the activity of fishing with "seawater baths for medical purposes".
Advantages ovar 2D include the addttional dimension, the fact that many more reflections are available for stacking at each point, which provides greatly improved resolution of subsurface features, and elimination of the "ghost" or "side swipe" reflections from nearby offline features that 2D surveys are prone to (except, of course, along the outer faces of the cube).
Erik's older brother, Ovar, raced for Wachusett for many years, and by all accounts their father was quite a racer himself back in the day.
Effects of ambient ozone on lung function in children ovar a two-year summer period.
On his way to Aveiro, the traveller visits the museum at Ovar. After commenting that 'nao e um museu, e um guarda-tudo' and enumerating some of the unexpected items there, he goes on to observe: 'E o que tudo isto junta numa forma singular de homogeneidade: o amor com que foram reunidos todos os objectos, o amor com que se guardam e sao mostrados' (p.
By noon reports had started coming in, not from Sopron itself but from Ovar and Gyor...'
Retiring to the coastal town of Ovar for his health, he wrote the novel for which he is best known, As pupilas do Senhor Reitor (1867; "The Pupils of the Dean"), depicting country life and scenery in a simple and appealing style.