OVBOrszagos Valasztasi Bizottsag (Hungarian: National Election Commitee)
OVBNovosibirsk, Russia - Tolmachevo (Airport Code)
OVBOuter Vascular Bundle
OVBOverflow Flag for Accumulator B in STO
OVBOgden Valley Branch (Weber County library; Utah)
OVBOvarian Venous Blood
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The objective of the study was, therefore, to compare the effects of water restriction on BW gains, feed intake, feed conversion ratio and water to feed ratios of NNK and OVB chickens.
Strain had a significant effect on water intake such that OVB chickens with an ADWI of 113.
Three main coal seam groups have been identified in the Main Area, namely the Upper, Lower and OVB (refer Figure 2).
the maker of OVB, is the first placebo-controlled study to evaluate the drug, which is a viscous liquid consisting of budesonide nebulizer suspension (Pulmicort respules) mixed with sucralose (Splenda).
On the other hand, OVB is still earning money in these times of crisis, while other market participants are recording losses," commented Oskar Heitz, the member of the Executive Board responsible for the area of Finance.
Values for NCB, OVB, and CB are solved for in this way (trial and error) except for the period before maturity (time 1 in this special case), where
There has been tremendous interest in Meritage Pharma's OVB clinical trial due to the increasing number of EoE diagnoses and the lack of an approved therapy for EoE," states Malcolm R.
I recall an old OVB billboard that said, 'Thanks for giving us your business,' This special dividend is our way of saying 'thank you' to our shareholders for a great year.
The two equity funds are the BB&T Mid Cap Value Fund and the BB&T Capital Appreciation Fund, formerly OVB Equity Income Portfolio and OVB Capital Appreciation Portfolio, respectively.
So far this year Annika Sorenstam has also won the WPGET's OVB Damen Open, and the Hennessey Cup in Cologne, Germany.
These included the Senior PGA Dallas Reunion; the LPGA Rochester International Tournament in Rochester, New York; the Nike Cleveland Open; the WPGET OVB Damen Open in Salzburg, Austria; the European PGA Jersey Open at St.
He became executive vice president of One Valley Bank in 1987 and has served as manager of the Western Kanawha-Putnam region for OVB.