OVBOrszagos Valasztasi Bizottsag (Hungarian: National Election Commitee)
OVBNovosibirsk, Russia - Tolmachevo (Airport Code)
OVBOuter Vascular Bundle
OVBOverflow Flag for Accumulator B in STO
OVBOgden Valley Branch (Weber County library; Utah)
OVBOvarian Venous Blood
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The objective of the study was, therefore, to compare the effects of water restriction on BW gains, feed intake, feed conversion ratio and water to feed ratios of NNK and OVB chickens.
Strain had a significant effect on water intake such that OVB chickens with an ADWI of 113.
Similarly, the BW of OVB chickens on 70% and 40% of ad libitum water intake were 16.
Even though no significant interaction was observed between strain and water restriction level on feed intake, feed consumption of NNK chickens on ad libitum water consumption was 52% and 8% higher than that of birds given water at 40% and 70% of ad libitum, respectively, while for OVB it was 23% and 8% higher, respectively (Table 3).
Although the interaction between strain and water restriction level was not significant, NNK chickens subjected to 40% of ad libitum water intake had a lower FCR compared to OVB chickens (Table 3).
Three main coal seam groups have been identified in the Main Area, namely the Upper, Lower and OVB (refer Figure 2).
the maker of OVB, is the first placebo-controlled study to evaluate the drug, which is a viscous liquid consisting of budesonide nebulizer suspension (Pulmicort respules) mixed with sucralose (Splenda).
Of the total 24 children, 15 received OVB and PPI and 9 received placebo and PPI.
Indeed, "87% of OVB post-treatment patients [had] less than or equal to 6 eos/hpf in the distal esophageal biopsies and 100% [had] less than or equal to 6 eos/hpf in proximal esophageal biopsies," wrote the authors.
The authors said the study's duration of 3 months did not allow for long-term follow-up, but that its data "support the need for a proprietary OVB medication specifically for the treatment of EoE.
Values for NCB, OVB, and CB are solved for in this way (trial and error) except for the period before maturity (time 1 in this special case), where