OVCAOttawa Valley Curling Association (Canada)
OVCAOhio Venture Capital Authority (est. 2003)
OVCAOregon Vietnamese Community Association (Aloha, OR)
OVCAOhio Volunteer Center Association
OVCAOld Variety Canary Association (canary breeding club)
OVCAOcean View Community Association (Hawaii)
OVCAOhio Vocational Competency Assessment
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Rodent models neither develop PCOS nor OVCA spontaneously [20-22].
Around 10-20% hens of this age group have been reported to develop OVCA [21, 22, 24].
However, in the late stage of OVCA, the tumor had metastasized to other organs beyond the peritoneal cavity and was accompanied with medium to profuse ascites.
In the case of OVCA, the importance of the microenvironment in tumor progression can be explained by the bidirectional interaction between OVCA cells and their own stroma modulating the contents of the ascitic fluid promoting the protumoral phenotype of the stromal cells and regulating processes to favor tumor progression [18-22].
For example, in OVCA, metastasis occurs commonly in the omentum by the overexpression of ErbB3 in the tumor cells and the over-expression of neuregulin 1 in the omentum [48].
CA125 from different origins (Pla, LC, and OvCa) at 5, 50, and 100 U/mL concentrations in Tris-buffered saline with azide (50 mmol/L Tris-HCl, pH7.75, 9 g/L NaCl and 0.5 g/L NaN3) containing 75 g/L BSA (Sigma), were captured on 96-well plates using bio-Ov185 MAb and subsequently traced with individual lectins-NPs.
The concentrations of LC- and Pla-CA125 as quantified by the in-house CA125 immunoassay were 1358 and 2655 U/mL, respectively, using the CA125 from the OvCa as a standard.
Of those, the MGL-based NPs tracer clearly discriminated CA125 from the OvCa from the 2 noncancerous preparations.
The [Centocor.sup.R] CA l25[TM] assay (Fujirebio Diagnostics, Inc./Centocor, Inc.) is a s olid phase two-site immunoradiometric assay (CA 125) (RIA) using two mouse monoclonal antibodies, 0C125 directed against the OVCA 433 ovarian cancer cell line and a second antibody directed against another CA 125 epitope.