OVEOVE.com (not an acronym; formerly Online Vehicle Exchange)
OVEObservatoire de la Vie Étudiante (French: Student Life Observatory)
OVEObjective Verifiable Evidence
OVEObnovljivih Virov Energije (Slovenian: Renewable Energy Sources)
OVEÖsterreichischer Verband für Elektrotechnik (Vienna, Austria)
OVEObservatoire du Véhicule d'Entreprise (French: Corporate Vehicle Observatory)
OVEOn-Vehicle Equipment
OVEOrder Visibility Exchange
OVEOpenView Express (HP)
OVEOperator's Vehicle Equipment
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Perhaps OVE surgery is already his or her first choice.
Ask your veterinarian about the OVE surgery as an alternative to OVH for your puppy.
Perhaps she will take the opportunity to learn more about the OVE if she learns her colleagues are using it.
European veterinarians have been per- forming OVEs rather than OVHs for years.
Proponents of OVE assume an environmental benefit from wood reduction, based on a belief that wood construction overly stresses the forest resource.
In this study, LCA is used to study the specific circumstance of OVE.
The wall framing was then re-designed in three different configurations: a minimal attempt at OVE, a maximum attempt at OVE, and then a creative approach that combined some of the efficiencies of OVE with an attempt to maximize use of materials with renewable content (Table 1).
The focus of the energy simulations was to determine the influence of OVE on operating energy, specifically, space heating and cooling.
As such, specific OVE practices rarely are used as part of a conscious effort to cut hard costs in housing construction.
That's not to say OVE never made it to the mainstream.
OVE practices found their way into factory-built components and composite lumber products, though the prime motivator wasn't so much to save wood as it was to save labor.
Structural engineered (or composite) lumber also incorporates OVE principles.