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OVEOVE.com (not an acronym; formerly Online Vehicle Exchange)
OVEObservatoire de la Vie Étudiante (French: Student Life Observatory)
OVEObnovljivih Virov Energije (Slovenian: Renewable Energy Sources)
OVEÖsterreichischer Verband für Elektrotechnik (Vienna, Austria)
OVEObservatoire du Véhicule d'Entreprise (French: Corporate Vehicle Observatory)
OVEOn-Vehicle Equipment
OVEOrder Visibility Exchange
OVEOpenView Express (HP)
OVEOperator's Vehicle Equipment
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The integration allows dealers to send vehicles to the online auction in real-time, edit listings prior to sending them to auction, or add further information and upload photos by logging in to OVE.
Mingle's flexibility has allowed us to track and organize resource allocation, as well as prioritize and execute all our work, from defects to high-level business initiatives," said Stephen Brown, Director of International Online Operations at OVE.
FiveRuns' simple and elegant approach to managing our Rails applications and supporting IT infrastructure helps us quickly and easily identify and troubleshoot any performance problems," said FiveRuns customer Rick MacConnell, director of engineering at OVE.
While RM-Install will be free to download on FiveRuns Web site, RM-Manage will be offered on a subscription basis, and already has several active customers, including 37Signals and OVE.
Horton was the first Regional Sales Representative to join OVE.