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The pilot and crew-chief instructor had a discussion about what the maintenance manual directed for the overtemp. It was assumed that only an inspection would be required.
I also had no indications of fuel ingestion or overtemp. My lead let the tanker know he most likely was sour and that my probe tip still was in the basket.
Alerting ground personnel of a potential engine fire, SSgt Armsey swiftly applied the post-shutdown overtemp procedures for a second time, eventually allevi ating the threat of fire and stabilizing the engine.
This means that once you overtemp your body on the walk around, even if your airplane gave you cooling air as soon as you started engines, you would not return to your physiological normal core temperature for nearly 2 hours.
No stall warnings showed in the HUD--no overtemp alarms, either--just the gradual loss of an engine.
After a thorough investigation, with both engines removed and treated for exceeding EGT limitations, we decided neither engine had had an overtemp. Extensive troubleshooting showed the upper thermocouple malfunctioned on the left engine, and the right engine was A799'd--could not duplicate on deck.
This will require a quick reaction to prevent engine overspeed or overtemp. Consider how the lights are going to affect your night vision.