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OVERTUREOmapatrilat Versus Enalapril Randomized Trial of Utility in Reducing Events
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At first I only made out an indistinct figure, not in the least counting on such an overture from one of my hostesses; it even occurred to me that some sentimental maidservant had stolen in to keep a tryst with her sweetheart.
You wish, Monsieur de Biscarrat, to say something to us, to make us some overture, and you dare not - is that true?
The curtain had not yet risen and the overture was being played.
I am proud, therefore, to be able to state on wood that it was Oliver himself who made the overture.
Tara of Helium sat with arms folded upon her small, firm breasts, her eyes flashing from behind narrowed lids, nor did she deign to answer his overture.
Yet he betrayed a democratic fondness for Wagner, and the "Tannhauser" overture, when she had given him the clew to it, claimed him as nothing else she played.
The destruction was terrific, but it was only Gluck's overture.
Ye donnert ne'er-do-weel, do you come to a decent, 'sponsible man like me, wi' sic a Cyprian overture as that?
Patsy, after various vain efforts to inflict damage, made an overture.
Powell answered in the affirmative, wondering if this were a friendly overture.
The scent of the flowers, the booty of the bee, the primal drip of spring waters, the overture of the lark, the twist of lemon peel on the cocktail of creation--such is the bride.
Every movement advertised commingled threatening and overture of friendliness.