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In "To Ovid," Pushkin's depiction of his poetic forebear is a direct reflection of his readings of Tristia and, to a lesser extent, Epistulae ex Ponto.
Ovid has initiated the pivotal Phase 3 NEPTUNE trial and plans to enroll the first Angelman syndrome patients in the third quarter of 2019.
At the outset, Comparini states that apart from a few exceptions, 'Ovidian scholars--both italianists and comparatists--have not been able to wrangle the power (both hermeneutical and structural) or the presence of Ovid's work as pertinent to the course of Italian literary history' (p.
To engage with this question, the next section will focus on the case of Ovid and Spinoza, and, more specifically, on the citations of Ovid that appear in the Ethics.
mock-didacticism, Ovid. Not only can the influence of Ovid's
In partnership with Pschyrembel, German clinicians and researchers can now search Ovid in their native language and receive results in German and English.
While automating search translation between Ovid and PubMed has previously been attempted, these attempts have relied on a simple find-andreplace strategy.
Even if Mantegna's miraculous cure-by-statue seems too good to be true, it shows how prominent a place Ovid held in the artist's imagination.
Cross-gender writing presupposes a fictive element as the writer constructs a letter-writer, as is clearly the case with Ovid and his Heroides.
He asserts that Ovid's lover provided Marlowe a model for his boastful warrior: "each vaunts and rants, blind or indifferent to the consequences of his actions for the people he encounters, emotionally distant from the suffering he causes, almost solipsistic in his self-absorption" (59).
The first section, entitled "Alternatives, diagnoses, and translations" begins with an essay about the medical and satirical writings of the Middle Ages in which Ovid's Remedia amoris is considered a reliable diagnostic source for curing the lovesick.
With Ovid, another aspect of visual perception needs stressing.