OVIROtdel Viz i Registratsii (Russian: Office of Visas and Registration)
OVIROffice of Visa and Registration
OVIRoriginal vehicle inspection report
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That moment came for Brodsky in 1972, when he was abruptly summoned to the Leningrad bureau of OVIR, the office of visa and registration.
Registration with the Embassy is different from Kazakhstani OVIR registration.
While development projects has been started in many backward areas of Chitral including Arandu, Damel, Beori, Ovir, Chuinj and Kalash Valley.
Table I: Examples recent injectable drug counterfeiting cases Drug Indication Company Annual sales ($ million) Aranesp Anaemia Amgen 416 Combivir HIV GSK 882 Difl flucan Antifungal Pfi fizer 1,112 Epogen Anaemia Amgen 2,216 Levaquin Bacterial infections PSGA Neupogen Neurtopenia, Amgen 1,300 Acute myelogia Nutropin AQ Growth hormone Genentech deficiency Procrit Anaemia PSGA 4,269 Remicade Chron's disease, RA Centocor 540 Retrov ovir HIV GSK 337 Risperdal Dementia Ortho McNeil 2,146 Serostim AIDS Serono 89 Zyprexa Schizophrenia Lilly 2,689
Is "Omon" a bowdlerized abbreviation for a Soviet bureaucratic department, just as "Ovir" the first name of the hero's older brother, is the acronym of the former Soviet visa section?
Allen has recently argued, another of Sappho's fragments--"Sweet mother, I cannot weave my web, broken as I am by longing for a boy, at soft Aphrodite's will"--influenced Tennyson's conception of "The Lady of Shalott," in which a female artist, like Sappho's speaker, is overcome by the onset of Love.(6) Finally, in the 1832 Poems, Tennyson includes two adaptations of the famous Sapphic ode "faivetai moi kivoc, isoc, theoisiv / emmev ovir |Peer of the gods he seems to me~": an extensive translation-adaptation in "Eleanore" (122-44) and a partial borrowing in "Fatima" (15-19).