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OVISOnline Vehicle Information System (Kentucky)
OVISOhio Valley Internet Service Inc. (Moundsville, WV)
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Pereira et al., "Complete genome sequence of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis biovar ovis strain P54B96 isolated from antelope in South Africa obtained by rapid next generation sequencing technology," Standards in Genomic Sciences, vol.
ovis. Anaplasma marginale was one of the most common Anaplasma species we detected with the 16S rRNA FRET-qPCR along with A.
ovis infestation is most common in shepherds in rural areas around the world but sporadic cases in nonshepherds have also been reported in recent years [15].
pseudotuberculosis biotype ovis using multilocus sequencing and their phylogenetic comparison on the basis of selected housekeeping genes.
Al observar durante el faenado quistes en las canales de ovejas es necesario hacer una clasificacion parasitologica ya que entre los diferenciales esta el Echinococcus granulosus, que causa la Echinococcosis /hidatidosis el quiste de este parasito contiene varios escolex, en la Taenia hydatigena el quiste es grande entre 7-9 cm cuando se ubica en peritoneo, omento, y en Taenia ovis el quiste es pequeno y causa la cisticercosis o hidatidosis falsa (10).
ovis should be considered as a possible differential diagnosis, especially when proximity to small ruminant farms is reported in the anamnesis and usual antimicrobial and/or anti-inflammatory treatments result to be ineffective.
Oestrus ovis oftalmomiyazis (Oestrus ovis ophthalmomyiasis).
A case in South Africa of ocular myiasis in man due to the first-stage larvae of the nasal bot fly of the sheep (Oestrus ovis L.).
Astore markhor (Capra falconeri falconeri) blue sheep (Pseudois nayaur) Ladakh urial (Ovis vignei) Marco Polo's sheep (Ovis ammon polii) Himalayan musk deer (Moschus chrysogaster) Himalayan ibex (Capra ibex sibirica) woolly flying squirrel (Eupetaurus cinereus) and Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra) are key mammals (Roberts 1977; Schaller 2008; Ablimit et al.
According to experts who know these kinds of things, mouflon--from which our Ovis dries came--walked like goats, gave milk like goats, ate the same foods as goats, gave meat like a goat, and ...
Cases of ophthalmic myiasis externa by Oestrus Ovis have been reported from different part of the world [2-4] including India.