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OVISOhio Valley Internet Service Inc. (Moundsville, WV)
OVISOnline Vehicle Information Service (Kentucky)
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Ruckstuhl (1998) found that the female of bighorn sheep Ovis canadensis had longer foraging time, and considered it was difficult for males and females to stay in the same group for their difference in movement patterns and time budgets.
ovis specific primer were similar except annealing step which was performed at 54degC for 45 s.
8% identity with those of SPLUNC1 cDNA from Ovis aries (accession no.
ovis on the basis of 'D' shaped, closed, dark brown coloured, deep stigmal plates with radially arranged respiratory holes (Fig.
ovis should be considered as a possible differential diagnosis, especially when proximity to small ruminant farms is reported in the anamnesis and usual antimicrobial and/or anti-inflammatory treatments result to be ineffective.
Oestrus ovis oftalmomiyazis (Oestrus ovis ophthalmomyiasis).
Seroprevalence of Brucella ovis, Brucella melitensis and Chlamydia psittaci in rams.
Prevalencia de Generos de nematodos gastrointestinales en bovinos doble proposito de 10 ranchos muestreados Cooperia 49% Ostertagia 15% Trichruris ovis 4% Haemonchus 15% Trychostrongylus 7% Toxocora vitolorum 4% Moniezia 5% Chavertia ovina 1% Nota: Tabla derivada de grafico segmentado.
Epitelial cells derived from Ovis canadensis mexicana thawed skin tissue for a germplasm bank
Oestrus ovis as a cause of red eye in Aljabal Algharbi, Libya.
Habitat segregation between sympatric Tibetan argali Ovis ammon odgsoni and blue sheep Pseudois nayaur in the Indian Trans-Himalaya.