OVKObligatorisk Ventilationskontroll
OVKOslobodilacke Vojske Kosova (Serbian: Kosovo Liberation Army)
OVKOrganized Village of Kasaan (Ketchikan, AK)
OVKOmnibusverkehr Kirchheim (German bus company)
OVKOuders voor Kinderen (Dutch: Parents for Children; Netherlands and Belgium)
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Completion of the work and delivery of wireless broadband services to Kasaan, an Alaskan Native community located 25 miles west of Ketchikan on Prince of Wales Island, was announced today by AP&T and OVK.
Where jobs are OVK inspections, service of comfort cooling systems, ventilation, preventative maintenance / measures for service jobs, less installations, smaller deployments, automatic control functions etc.
The contract relates to a framework agreement with call-off right for the Purchaser in respect OVK inspection and cleaning vents and other related services.
The contract relates to a framework agreement for the assignment as OVK Deputy project leader, including review of project planning documents and OVK-related documents.
Uppsala Municipality with stated company intends to procure OVK function testing of ventilation systems.
OVK ABGR020, case number 2015-003169, product number 73,710,702.
Contracts relating to the framework agreement for inspection services in the following service categories OVK, fire protection and sprinkler systems covered by the Machinery Directive, electrical systems, fire control, pressure equipment, gas plants, oil tanks / -cisterner.
The assignment includes annual OVK inspections of ventilation systems within AB accomodation in UmeEN~s property portfolio.