OVLSOhio Vending League System
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From the results of the analysis, we decide to suggest a unique and general form of the OVLs suitable to any courses/domain (not only practical but also theoretical) in educational institutions.
Such form of the general OVLs would help the students for designing and developing the high quality OVLs in a stable way.
The OVLs and online courses are similar in presenting something to the learners via the internet in an easy and interactive way.
4.2 OVLs as Enhancement Tools for Learning inside Real Labs
Another role of the OVLs is to increase levels of learning in the real labs.
Firstly, the learners should identify general and specific objectives in the OVLs and know the theoretical background about simulations through briefly text information and instructions about how to perform the practical simulation in the OVLs without mistakes.
The following figure shows these cyclic steps of the idealistic learning process inside the OVLs. If the learners do not acquire the target skills, they can repeat learning from the Objective stage.
The OVLs are characterized by many advantages as modern methods in developing educational process.
Economic: The OVLs are low in costs of equipment and tools because of the virtual form as well as of maintenance compared with the real labs.
Richness: The OVLs enable to have rich environments with the kits and tools, furthermore with information through linking to especial websites.
Safety: The OVLs provide safe experimental environments, especially with regard to the danger and harmful experiments.
Sufficiency: The OVLs supply sufficient and repeatable training environments for experiments like 'learning by doing', which lead to mastery in learning.