OVMOpen Verification Methodology
OVMOrganic Vapor Monitor
OVMOrganic Vapor Meter
OVMOffender Victim Ministries
OVMOverflow Mode
OVMOperation Vigilant Mariner
OVMOperators Vehicle Maintenance
OVMOrganismo Vivo Modificado (Spanish: Living Modified Organism)
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Los OVM estan ya presentes--y, con certeza, lo estaran aun mas en el futuro--como insumos en una gran variedad de productos de la industria alimentaria y farmaceutica.
4), por conducto del ICA, para OVM de uso agricola, pecuario, pesquero, plantaciones forestales comerciales y agroindustriales, que puedan tener efectos adversos para la conservacion y la utilizacion sostenible de la diversidad biologica; el Ministerio de Ambiente (art.
Aldo maintained that "in willfully refusing to carry out his obligation to sign documents necessary for the disbursement of salaries to these employees, the vice mayor is causing undue misery to [the 62 OVM employees] and their families.
Genesys a leading provider of customer experience and contact center solutions, announced that it has acquired OVM Solutions.
A key aspect of the mining study will be that the ounces per vertical metre (OVM), based on Au and Cu alone in the area subject to the previously announced scoping study, exceeds 1650 OVM.
We took along OVM special driver operators and swimmers along with us.
The Questa platform and OVM allow Mindtree to leverage the power of SystemVerilog to deliver high-quality verification IP.
Reliance has so far not signed the agreement to assign 20 per cent stake in the two blocks to OVM and it is not clear if the stake was transfered with its consent.
For instance, based in southerly Guangxi province, engineering firm OVM Co has segued into nuclear equipment after making cables and pipes for civil engineering.
In particular, OVM is the dominant allergen in EWP and is the cause of most allergic reactions in children (Mine and Rupa, 2004).
Con esta orientacion, por ejemplo, la Resolucion 0946 de 2006 del ICA exige en el Articulo 13 que "se autorizara la comercializacion de OVM [Organismos Vivos Modificados] con fines exclusivamente agricolas, pecuarios, pesqueros, plantaciones forestales comerciales y agroindustria, solamente cuando se haya aprobado la evaluacion de bioseguridad respectiva".