OVMSOpen Virtual Memory System
OVMSOpen Vehicle Monitoring System (computer project)
OVMSOak Valley Middle School
OVMSOld Vail Middle School (Vail, Arizona)
OVMSOak View Middle School
OVMSOrchard Valley Middle School (Sewell, NJ)
OVMSOhio Valley Military Society, Inc. (Cincinnati, Ohio)
OVMSOpen Virtual Memory System (Hewlett Packard)
OVMSOmni View Management Server
OVMSOnline Virtual Machines Systems (project)
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According to DLRH, OVMS had been developed to exceed the industry recommended life-span, with standards that were verified by independent testing laboratories including Eclipse, PIRA and Barnes International, and was ISO 7810 and 7811-6 accredited for card and magnetic performance.
The development of OVMS provided financial card manufacturers and issuers with a choice of holographic magnetic stripes by the two main suppliers to the market.
E o primeiro instrumento juridicamente vinculativo global incidindo sobre OVM. O protocolo estabelece que haja um previo acordo que exige, antes da primeira introducao intencional no ambiente de uma parte importadora, a notificacao do partido de exportacao que contenham certas informacoes, o reconhecimento da sua recepcao e o consentimento escrito da parte de importacao.
De acordo com o programa de trabalho em medio prazo da COP-MOP, a reuniao aprovou decisoes como: requisitos detalhados para documentos que acompanham organismos vivos modificados destinados a serem utilizados diretamente na alimentacao humana ou animal, ou para processamento; manipulacao, transporte, embalagem e identificacao; a necessidade de desenvolvimento de normas no que diz respeito a identificacao, manipulacao, embalagem e transporte para os movimentos transfronteiricos de OVM; avaliacao de riscos e de gestao de risco; a necessidade de estabelecer orgaos subsidiarios no ambito do protocolo; outras questoes necessarias para a implementacao efetiva do Protocolo (direitos e/ ou obrigacoes das partes de transito); monitorizacao e comunicacao no ambito do protocolo (12).
On the second day after deploying the P/H OVMs, study staff collected the samplers and checked the TAD for completeness.
All three studies used OVMs to measure VOCs, although a slightly different suite of compounds was measured in MNCPES and NHEXAS, whereas the same compounds were measured in the HAPS and SHIELD studies.
OVMS was launched at the Cartes exhibition in Paris and, says DLRH, is fully approved by card manufacturers.
According to DLRH, OVMS has been developed to exceed the industry recommended life-span, with standards that have been verified by independent testing laboratories including Eclipse, Pira and Barnes International, and is ISO 7810 and 7811- 6 accredited for card and magnetic performance.
(3) In addition Baylis published alternative theatre histories through the OVM which is full of criticism and, indeed, theatre history, written by women.
(3) The Vic-Wells Association first issued a call for help in constructing the archive (now lodged at the V&A, Blythe House) in the OVM for January 1931.