OVOCOxygenated Volatile Organic Compounds
OVOCOttawa Valley Outaouais Chapter (Canada)
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They actively consume certain types of air pollution," said Thomas Karl, the lead author.he research team focused on a class of chemicals known as oxygenated volatile organic compounds (oVOCs), which can have long-term impacts on the environment and human health.
Eventually, some oVOCs evolve into tiny airborne particles, known as aerosols that have important effects on both clouds and human health.
The team found that when the study trees were under stress, either because of a physical wound or because of exposure to an irritant such as ozone pollution, they began sharply increasing their uptake of oVOCs.
* Zinfandel, 1996 OVOC (Old Vines, Old Clones), $17.50.
TOGA and AWAS provided measurements of many volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including nonmethane hydrocarbons (NMHCs), halogenated volatile organic compounds (HVOCs), oxygenated VOCs (OVOCs), alkyl nitrates, nitriles, and dimethyl sulfide (DMS).
The fires over Canada were not only sources of PAN and other nitrogen species (e.g., NO, N[O.sub.2], C[H.sub.3]CN) but also an important source of CO, VOCs (e.g., alkanes, alkenes, aromatics), and OVOCs (e.g., HCHO, acetone, methanol) (Simpson et al.
For example, vertical distributions of HO [OH plus hydroperoxyl (H[O.sub.2])] radicals, together with profiles of OVOCs, which can act as radical sources or sinks, were used to constrain a photochemical box model, and showed that springtime H[O.sub.2], is over-predicted despite modeled OH agreeing reasonably well with the data (Olson et al.