OVOSOPERA Vacation Ownership System
OVOSOhio Valley Outlaw Shootout (racing)
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This position is also consistent with the FDA's recent decision on the OVOS citizen petition.
com--had the petition been granted--that OVOS would have become the first firm to have an ingredient switched from drug to dietary supplement status after its initial efforts to obtain drug approval for the ingredient were not satisfactory at the clinical trial stage.
As part of its commercial activities to grow and expand into the global market, OVOS Natural Health is actively taking steps to launch in other geographies as early as 2009 and 2010, via large retail organizations and via potential partners with proven track records in the natural health, consumer health, multi-level marketing and naturopathic doctor channels.
OVOS Natural Health Readying for VIVIMIND(TM) Launch
OVOS Natural Health's first product, VIVIMIND(TM), being marketed for memory protection, is on target for its Canadian and Internet launch in the third quarter of 2008.
The combined collective knowledge of these experts in the field of neurology, basic science, pharmacy, nutrition and naturopathy will serve to guide OVOS Natural Health as it builds and expands its operations.
To that end, OVOS Natural Health is setting up an office in Salt Lake City, an important American market for natural health products.
VIVIMIND(TM) will be commercialized by OVOS Natural Health Inc.
Our name-change to BELLUS Health will reflect the broader scope of our activities, while the creation of our subsidiary, OVOS Natural Health, as well as the imminent launch of VIVIMIND(TM) for memory protection, testify to our determination to move ahead quickly.
OVOS Natural Health - Launch activities in preparation for VIVIMIND(TM)
Fifteen years of combined scientific research including clinical trials with over 2,000 individuals in Canada, the United States and Europe and millions of dollars invested lie behind OVOS Natural Health's claim that VIVIMIND(TM) can help protect memory function and reduce age-associated brain volume loss normally leading to cognitive problems.
Gary Schmid, newly appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of OVOS Natural Health Inc.