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OVPOriginalverpackt (German: original packaging)
OVPOver Voltage Protection
OVPOnline Video Platform
OVPOriginalverpackung (German)
OVPOstvorpommern (German number plate area code)
OVPOffice of the Vice President
OVPOnline Value Proposition (marketing)
OVPOpen Virtual Platform
OVPOrange Value Promise (Orange, UK)
OVPÖsterreichische Volkspartei
OVPOperations Vice President
OVPOverseas Visitor Pass (UK; tourism)
OVPOhio Valley Precision, Inc. (Lawrenceburg, IN)
OVPOn-Site Verification Program
OVPOperational Verification Procedure (engineering)
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The new OVP may be considered the economic roadmap of the incumbent AKP in case it succeeds in winning the absolute majority during the election to be held in the next three weeks.
The conservative OVP, or People's Party, lost its absolute majority and went down 9 percentage points to around 42 percent.
In addition, there is also confusion around what constitutes an OVP owing to the number of features, including transcoding, DRM, analytics and multi-platform delivery.
Mr Thomas told the Madrid Criminal Court that Staffordshire Police had investigated OVP and that no irregularities were detected.
Market demand for OVP services is driven by a lack of universal video standards, confusing video protocols, formats and players and a desire for a simple, straightforward solution for delivering video to multiple devices.
Excluding the write-off, OVP - whose other non-executive directors include Dame Judi Dench - said the group's other activities were profitable.
Although the symbolic seat of authority in the Philippines had traditionally been the MalacaEang Palace in Manila, the OVP does not have a permanent home.
The SPO and OVP decided to come to an agreement on Sunday evening following elections on September 28 in which the far-right made significant gains.
By virtue of Warwickshire's close working relationship with OVP, they will operate the tennis centre and thus be at the head of the queue when it comes to sending players to the purposebuilt facility.
OVP provided GAO with 77 pages of information, two-thirds of which contained no cost information while the remaining one-third contained some miscellaneous information of little to no usefulness.
Pete Nicoletti, Promero's CEO, says OVP "is the perfect vehicle to showcase a product, show testimonials or provide online training.
According to Frost & Sullivan, the size of the OVP market was $369 million during 2013 and is expected to grow to $800.