OVPDOrganic Vapor Phase Deposition
OVPDOro Valley Police Department (Oro Valley, AZ)
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As shown in Figure 4, OVPD is installed in the substation to monitor the voltage between rail and local earth continuously for personal safety.
OVPD at Wanshengwei Station is activated frequently during the operation of the line.
However, the OVPD at Wanshengwei Station is activated at different moments of the accelerating processes.
Valvuler pulmoner darlikli olgularin yas gruplarina, ilk ve son ekokardiyografik olcumlere gore dagilimlari Yas CHVPD * HVPD * OVPD * AVPD * N Toplam <1 ay 6/7 10/2 3/2 1/2 7 20 1-5 ay 4/4 15/9 12/8 0/1 9 31 6-12 ay 8/9 16/14 20/8 0/0 13 44 1-5 yas 30/42 65/39 28/15 1/2 26 124 6-10 yas 21/9 33/35 13/9 1/1 14 68 11-18 yas 5/5 16/16 5/4 0/0 1 26 Toplam 76 76 46 6 70 313 * Birinci siradaki deger ilk ekokardiyografik olcum sonucuna gore olgu sayisini belirtmektedir.
OVPD offers the possibility of depositing high-quality organic films with better performance and cost characteristics than conventional VTE.
UDC's OVPD process equipment is sourced from AIXTRON AG, Aachen, Germany, under a license from UDC.
Universal Display has partnered with AIXTRON AG of Aachen, Germany, a leading manufacturer of precision semiconductor production equipment for inorganic LEDs, to develop and commercialize OVPD equipment.
Universal Display has exclusively licensed AIXTRON to make and sell its own OVPD equipment and to sublicense Universal Display's OVPD process technology for use with that equipment.
The advantages of OVPD technology include higher materials utilization, increased control over the deposition process, higher potential throughput, yield and lower manufacturing costs.
Aixtron AG, a leading German equipment manufacturer, will manufacture and sell OVPD equipment under exclusive license from UDC.