OVROhio Valley Region
OVROffice of Vocational Rehabilitation
OVROffice of Vital Records
OVROttawa Valley Railway
OVRFatherland-All Russia (Russia)
OVRProgram Overlay (File Name Extension)
OVROffice of Victims' Rights (Alaska)
OVROccurrence/Variance Report (various hospitals)
OVROutput Voltage Ripple
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Though the sales and marketing of that line remains with Canadian Pacific, Touesnard said OVR will "continue to work with CP, area businesses and governments to grow the business.
As evidenced by in-service and external training offerings, emphasis has been placed on the need for KMVRP and OVR staff involved with the program to develop bicultural and bilingual competencies.
In the month prior to the elections, support for the Unity Party began to rise, just as support for OVR and Yabloko began to decline.
The employed were more likely to use their own cars, be older, have contacted OVR, and have received OVR job referrals.
With little traffic left to replace that lost volume, car loads recorded by Rail America on the OVR dropped from 4,307 in December 2008 to only 738 in December 2009.
OVR appears to be doing a very good job of becoming known to, and accessing, this population.
OVR WebService[TM] was announced last year at ISC West and is a successful addition to Brivo's award-winning SaaS access control solution.
Despite the fact that OVR is only one piece of the supported employment pie, federal regulations have been written solely for VR.
Single Point of Contact (SPOC), a partnership of OVR, non-profit disability organizations and the departments of Education and Human Services that simplifies the process of hiring people with disabilities;