OVROhio Valley Region
OVROpenbaar Vervoer Reisinformatie (Dutch: Public Transport Travel)
OVROffice of Vocational Rehabilitation
OVROverlay File
OVROffice of Vital Records
OVROttawa Valley Railway
OVRFatherland-All Russia (Russia)
OVRProgram Overlay (File Name Extension)
OVROffice of Victims' Rights (Alaska)
OVROccurrence/Variance Report (various hospitals)
OVROutput Voltage Ripple
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"One objective of the OVR is to mitigate congestion in jails and detention centers, but we want to go one step further through Batas QC by helping residents know our ordinances so they will not have to violate the laws," she said.
In addition to the identification of schedule gaps, a better understanding of OVR and supplemental labor percentage demonstrated that approved position-control FTEs were not adequate to support staffing the nursing units without significant use of supplemental labor and premium costs.
You'll see that HUSKR is a fix on the V6-8 airway and is defined by the intersection of the airway--at that location the airway is defined by the 258 degree radial from OVR, Omaha--with the 347-degree radial from the LNK VORTAC.
The Early Reach Initiative at OVR has Early Reach Coordinators that reach out to youth with disabilities as early as age 14 to familiarize students and families with OVR services as well as what to expect from vocational rehabilitation services.
Hence in the proposed control structure, BVR and BCR loops regulate the charging and discharging profile and the output voltage regulated using OVR loop.
26 August 2014 - US oil and gas explorer Lucas Energy Inc (NYSEMKT:LEI) said today it had executed a joint venture agreement with domestic sector player Oak Valley Resources LLC (OVR), the goal being to develop its acreage in the Eagle Ford shale formation.
A multiclass classification such as the SVM (OVR) generally requires classification/differentiation between a given group and all other groups, so the most useful features are those that are largest or smallest for a certain (target) group.
Gauri Krishna scored a convincing 30-2 win ovr Aprna Sudhir to advance to the last eight stage and in the boys' under-13 category, Yash Tanna scored a convincing 21-6, 21-9 victory over Hrishikesh Menon to move in to the quarters.
Awali 1st 150/7 in 23 ovs (Ajith 60*, Munish 26, Usman 2/18) beat P S C 149/10 in 20.1 ovs( Usman 40, Umer 27, Fahad 2/6 in 1 ovr, Vijay 2/27 in 4 ovs) by 3 wickets.
Alternators and electrical systems are sensitive to voltage spikes, so an overvoltage relay (OVR) is in the circuit to take the alternator off line if the voltage goes above about 16 in a 12-volt system and 32 in a 24-volt system.
Metro, which runs services in West Yorkshire, is increasing the price of Metro-Card, MetroDay,a DayRa ovR er and Rail Zones 6 & 7 tickets from January 2.