OVROhio Valley Region
OVROpenbaar Vervoer Reisinformatie (Dutch: Public Transport Travel)
OVROffice of Vocational Rehabilitation
OVROverlay File
OVROffice of Vital Records
OVROttawa Valley Railway
OVRFatherland-All Russia (Russia)
OVRProgram Overlay (File Name Extension)
OVROffice of Victims' Rights (Alaska)
OVROccurrence/Variance Report (various hospitals)
OVROutput Voltage Ripple
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Pennsylvanians have embraced OVR in large numbers since the day it was launched, Torres said.
In this paper OVR of FM boost converter operating in DCM will be considered and influence of modulation parameters on OVR will be examined.
As evidenced by in-service and external training offerings, emphasis has been placed on the need for KMVRP and OVR staff involved with the program to develop bicultural and bilingual competencies.
OVR lawyers provide free legal services to victims of crime to help them protect their guaranteed constitutional and statutory rights with regard to their contacts with police, prosecutors, defense counsel, judges, and criminal justice agencies in the state.
At the date of the administration order there were an estimated 41 vehicles involved, with an estimated pounds 467,000 finance outstanding at BHL and an estimated 156 rentals vehicles involved with an estimated pounds 620,000 finance outstanding in respect of OVR.
ORT commentators repeatedly broadcast accusations that Moscow Mayor (and OVR leader) Yuri Luzhkov was involved in the murder of American businessman Paul Tatum, and that he was worth three to four hundred million dollars.
OVR attracted support from both the Communist constituency and the democrats.
Ademas, los rivales del "Oso", en primer termino, los de la alianza "Patria-Toda Rusia" (OVR) de Evgueni Primakov y Yuri Luzkov, opositores empedernidos de Yeltsin, se quejaban de que los oligarcas financieros allegados al mandatario, quienes se hicieron multimillonarios a la sombra del poder del Kremlin, comparaban a los candidatos vacilantes de la alianza OVR ofrciendoles elevadas sumas de dolares a cambio de deshacerse de esta agrupacion politica y afiliarse a la "Unidad".
He served in the original Vocational Rehabilitation Service (precursor to the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, OVR, later known as the Vocational Rehabilitation Administration, VRA, and currently designated the Rehabilitation Services Administration, RSA).
services at school, training during high school, and use of outside agencies), employed respondents were more likely to contact OVR and to receive job referrals, attendant care, and on-the-job training.
This new agreement with OVR leverages our technology expertise, global engineering and procurement resources and US construction capabilities to provide fully integrated Technology, FEED and EPC solutions to our customers.