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OVRAOnslow Village Residents' Association (UK)
OVRAOrganizzazione per la Vigilanza e la Repressione dell'Antifascismo (Italy)
OVRAOregon Veterinary Referral Associates (Springfield, OR)
OVRAOpera Vigilanza Repressione Antifascismo (Italian: Organization for Vigilance and Repression of Anti-Fascism; 1927-1945; Italy)
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2, ainsi qu'une justification de l'un des passages les plus importants et les moins etudies du Poeme, celui qui affirme qu'il n'y a pas des ovra qui ne soientpas (fr.
Libere donc des prejuges d'une cosmogonie dualiste, critiquee par lui-meme, le Parmenide phusikos est la suite logique du Parmenide qui a dit que s'il y a des ovra c'est parce qu'il y a de l'etre, et ...
Is it likely that Bellone ran Silone as his own agent without informing anyone else in the OVRA hierarchy?
Bocchini achieved such success despite OVRA's relatively small size by instituting efficient administrative procedures and by taking advantage of new legislation passed by the Fascist government that greatly increased the scope of police powers.
Political security forces played a vital role in the fascist transformation, but while the police and security forces of Hitler's Germany have been extensively analyzed, Bocchini's forces, particularly OVRA, have been largely overlooked in the English language literature.
Scholars may also have considered Bocchini and OVRA of little importance because of their association with a regime widely regarded as inept.
He set up the secret and very flexible operation of "special police inspectorates" that became known as OVRA and freed them of the territorial restrictions of the regular provincial police.
In recent years, evidence has come to light which suggests that, protestations to the contrary, Duliani actually acted as an informant for the Fascist secret police, or the OVRA. Some Italian-Canadians have reacted with vehement opposition to the claim arguing that there is simply too little evidence to corroborate the charge.
The police and kindred security organizations in Ethiopia, such as the Revolutionary Guards and the Kebelles, were effectively used by Haille Mengistu Marium to spread "revolutionary terror" and to eliminate "counter-revolutionaries"--real or imagined opponents of Mengistu's regime.(4) Likewise in Uganda, Milton Obote and Idi Amin used security agencies such as the General Service Unit, the State Research Bureau, the Public Safety Unit, and the National Security Agency to effectively suppress popular will and to maintain these two men in power.(5) The Ethiopian and Ugandan agencies operated along the same lines as the Cheka under Stalin's Soviet Union, the OVRA under Mussolini's Italy, and the Gestapo under Hitler's Germany.
/ cio c'ha veduto pur con la mia rima / non averebbe in te la man distesa; / ma la cosa incredibile mi fece / indurlo ad ovra ch'a me stesso pesa" (Inf.
Mussolini is often blamed for having turned Italy into a police state, but Bocchini did little more than reorganise the Interior Ministry's pre-existing political police under a meaningless new title, OVRA, which dealt easily with both the Communists and intransigent Fascists to preserve Mussolini's personal rule.
Rumours that Recchioni was organising plots to kill Mussolini began to circulate in 1929 and were conveyed to the Italian authorities by Carter himself who was in touch with agents of the Italian secret police, Ovra. One reported to Rome: `The enclosed recent photograph of Recchioni has been provided by Colonel Carter' and another: `Recchioni has a personal friendship with the Prime Minister MacDonald'.