OVROOwens Valley Radio Observatory
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"At OVRO, we built a new array of ten 4.5-meter dishes that collectively act like a mile-wide dish to cover an area on the sky the size of 150 full moons.
These amplifiers, Zmuidzinas noted, could be incorporated into telescope arrays like the Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy at OVRO, of which Caltech is a consortium member, and the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array in Chile.
1) A competent surveyor made the map of OVRO using bearings from defined points such as capes and hilltops.
2) OVRO resembles Melville Island in shape more closely than most islands depicted on maps drawn in the 1500s resemble their true outline.
3) Eredia shows the track of a voyage which runs from somewhere north of Flores to ENDE (a Portuguese port on the island Flores), to a bay on the north shore of OVRO and then to TIMOR (where the Portuguese had a base).
1) IAP, and not OVRO, is the name of the island that Peters suggests is Melville Island.
The voyage originates north of ENDE, calls at ende (now the port of Ende on Flores) then travels south-east to an island within which is written the word OVRO in addition to the description of other products.
Eredia's 1602 map depicts a resemblance between the sheltered bay named Snake Bay on the north coast of Melville Island and a sheltered bay on the north coast of OVRO. This bay, on which the largest Tiwi settlement Milikapiti now stands, has a supply of fresh water from a permanent river.
Could the word 'Oro' have been confused with 'ovro' [gold] rather than 'ovo' [egg]?