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OVSOffice of Victim Services
OVSOpen Video System
OVSOjai Valley School (Ojai, CA, USA)
OVSOranje-Vrystaat (Orange Free State, South African Province)
OVSOpen Video Services
OVSOverboard Vent System
OVSOverseas Volunteer Staff
OVSOntario Varrio Sur (Ontario, CA gang)
OVSOgden Valley Sports LLC (Huntsville, UT)
OVSOphthalmology Visual Sciences (University of Texas Medical Branch)
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Additional telecommunications provider enhancements with upgrades to OVS and DPDK to provide latest features and functions, resulting in increased performance optimizations.
Local Controller uses Open Flow as an API to interact with OVS and RR Mapper.
Compared with OVS group, myocardial infarction size was greater in OVX group, suggesting that 30 min ischemia followed by 24 h reperfusion resulted in significant myocardium infarct.
The OVS Operational Dashboard delivers the data, analytics and visibility required to optimize investments, increase efficiencies and enhance the customer experience.
The greater the score on the OVS and RS subscales, the greater the amount of time children allocated to sedentary activities.
OVS enables operators to penetrate the new VAS markets, and transform existing monitoring services to a managed service with recurring payments.
The experience with OVS is particularly relevant today with the potential entry of "fiber to the home" ("FTTH") from incumbent local exchange carriers ("ILECs"), such as Verizon and AT&T.
OVS certification offers benefits such as reduced regulatory burdens and, as a result, faster entry into a new area.
1) Since subject-verb inversion is obligatory in sentences of this type in Swedish, the first constituent in the string consists of a nonsubject NP, the second of the finite verb, and the third of the subject NP; in typologically-oriented research, the notion OVS word order is used here.
The VOD solution, targeted to the hotel and hospital market, implements a software package developed by TSA, running on a separate Windows NT operating system box; interactive TV is made available to the hotel guest by the SGI VOD platform, based on the Thirdspace OVS video pump and scalable SGI Origin family servers.
OVS certification allows service providers to by-pass cable television franchise policy, which requires 100 percent build-out of the community.
The problem is, though, that in addition to providing excellent social controls, the OVS was also unfair: It winked at the sexual adventures of single men and endorsed the formation of a class of women -- prostitutes and other sex workers -- whose primary function was to service them and suffer the consequences.