OVSSOntario Victim Services Secretariat (Ministry of the Attorney General; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
OVSSOhio Valley Soaring Series
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XOR-based VSS (XVSS) can solve the problem of RGbased OVSS [8], since the decryption method is to perform XOR operation on the shares with a light weight computational device to reconstruct the secret image.
Official veterinary surgeons (OVSs) of the Meat Hygiene Service are responsible for applying the Clean Livestock Policy (CLP) which specifies five categories of cleanliness.
The report found many of the OVSs were inexperienced and 'in need of a higher level of training, support and guidance than was available'.
However, in many instances the local authority meat inspectors were obliged to call upon the services of official veterinary surgeons (OVSs), designated by MAFF but employed by the local authority.
The subject of the public contract is the centralized provision of office supplies for the building of the moe, Ovss i - ix, Tp - ope, Nzu and the ministry for the period 2018 - 2021 due to termination of the existing framework agreement no.
: Data services enabling data communication with egovernment services through the cms and other information systems of individual osss or ovss, Whether within a single oss or ovs, Or between multiple osss or ovss.