OVTEOffice of Vocational and Technical Education
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Chapter 122: howe Godewynne the fals Traitour I toke Allurede vpon Gyldesdoune whenne he come ovte of Norma(n)Idie to be king of Englonde and after that marterde hym
no man sholde calle It Britaine bot Englonde or Engestelonde and | thanne he departed the lande among(es) hys menne and made vij king(es) | in the lande and strengthed so the lande that the Britains sholde | not come Inne agayne the furste kingdome was Kent wherof hym self | was lorde the Secounde Sussex nowe called Chichestr be thirde | Westsex the iiij Essex the v Norffolke and Suffolk * and marche | veriche nowe called lyncoln the vi * leycestir shire Norhampshir(e) | Hertfordshir(e) and Huntyngdon and the vij Oxenfordshire Clau | cestir Wynchester Warrewyk and Darbyshire How Wortig(er) went into Walys and bygan ther a Castell that wolde not W henne this Engest hadde thus stande wtout mort(er) temp(er)ed do he delyuerd wortig(er) ovte of p(ri)soune with mans blode K.
(See Sean Holton, "Puerto Rico would lose tax break to statehood; loss of lucrative credit is top issue in upcoming ovte to test sentiment," The Houston Chronicle, Nov.