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OVVOnderzoeksraad voor Veiligheid (Dutch: Research Council for Safety; Netherlands)
OVVOverlegcentrum van Vlaamse Verenigingen (Dutch: Flemish Associations Discussion Center; Belgium)
OVVOptically Violent Variable (quasar)
OVVOnder Vermelding Van
OVVOhio Valley Voices (Cincinnati, OH; deaf children's speech education)
OVVOral Verruca Vulgaris (human papilloma virus)
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Ukrainian air crash experts - who now form part of the OVV team - did however visit the scene shortly after the crash.
The OVV has already announced that its preliminary report will include not only the black box findings, but also information gathered from satellite and other images, and radar information.
In a question-and-answer section on its website, the OVV posed the question whether it would be publicly releasing the content from the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder, which comprise the two black boxes.
The answer given by the board was: "Investigative materials and sources of information used by the OVV in its investigations are protected by law.
SRA Senior Vice President Pat Burke said, "We are convinced that KoolSpan will continue to develop the industry leading features that have established OVV and OVM as market leaders and will accelerate their adoption on a global scale.
New Applications Provide Fast, Flexible Revenue-Recovery Solutions Vibrant Solutions' OVV and ORR applications provide carriers with a fast, flexible, and effective way to sort through the vast piles of front and back- office data, to find the significant revenue recovery opportunities in their current OSS/BSS investment.
PricewaterhouseCoopers' evaluation of the market requirements and current Revenue Assurance offerings provided us with invaluable input on the design and development of OVV and ORR as well as with the initial customer introductions for the new applications.
The real benefit of applications like OVV and ORR is that it is not just another list of discrepancies, they are products that we developed to empower the carrier with the ability to manage and quickly bring results to the bottom line," said Bob Becklund, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Vibrant Solutions.