OVXOur Voices Xposed (anti-tobacco organization)
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After an acclimation period of 1 week, total 36 rats were randomly divided into four groups ( n = 9 per group): (1) the HFD-E[sub]2 group was fed with HFD and OVX followed by administrated with E[sub]2; (2) the E[sub]2 group was fed with StD and OVX followed by administrated with E[sub]2; (3) the HFD group was fed with HFD and OVX followed by administrated with vehicle (olive oil); and (4) the control group received StD and sham-OVX followed by administrated with vehicle.
05, silica-treated OVX mice compared with silica-treated sham mice determined by analysis of variance (ANOVA) with Bonferroni's correction for multiple comparisons.
rosea was tested in vivo by oral administration to OVX rats, no evidence of estrogenicity was noted by the standard criteria of uterine growth and reduction of serum leutinizing hormone levels (Eagon et al.
On the other hand there was also no significant change between different OVX groups in days 30 or 60 post-op in estradiol and progesterone concentration.
OVX group section evaluations showed that serous acinuscytoplasms were seen in PAS staining sections slightly more acidophilic than control group, in AB staining slightly darker than control and lighter than DM group.
Based on the above information, we hypothesised that Tualang honey, through its antioxidant effect, modulates anxiety-like behavior in stressed OVX rats.
We observed that the TRAP and ALP activities increased significantly in OVX rats compared with the sham group.
Twenty-six weeks after the OVX procedure, Peptan hydrolyzed collagen ingestion improved bone mineral density (BMD) and some femur biomechanical parameters.
The OVX and SHAM groups consisted of thirty rats each and were randomly distributed into three subgroups of ten rats according to the duration of the period after surgery.
The label read Gargiulo Vineyards 2006 OVX Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville Napa Valley ($175).
Bone cells population: Images of light micrograph of histological analysis were performed in Control, OVX and OVX+ES bone marrow of the same region (Fig.
We showed that injection of estrogen causes expression of immunoreactive Fos in the kisspeptin cells of ARC in OVX ewes within 1 h.