OWADOptical Wavelength Add/Drop
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The OWAD and the OWD operators have only been used in the situations in which the input arguments are exact values.
Similar to the OWAD operator, the ITOWD operator is commutative, monotonic, idempotent, and bounded.
En el caso del analisis de escenario posibilita cuantificar los resultados de la simulacion mediante el empleo de MCD y operadores OWAD.
Se calcula la distancia mediante el operador OWAD entre el vector resultante R de cada simulacion y el vector I que representa el escenario ideal.
Since 1958 the Owads have lived in Muddy Run, across from a clear creek and above a workshop filled with tools, welding equipment, and now a pristine 1935 Ford coupe that Owad is almost finished restoring.