OWCAOld Wesley Collegians Association (est. 1926; Australia)
OWCAOffice of Workers' Compensation Administration (Louisiana Department of Labor)
OWCAOntario Wood Carvers Association (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
OWCAObed Watershed Community Association (Crossville, TN)
OWCAOrigination without a Cool Acronym
OWCAOrganization without a Cool Acronym (Phineas and Ferb cartoon)
OWCAOld Westminster Citizen Association (Westminster City School, London, UK)
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Step2: The mobile nodes are randomly divided into clusters which are in the communication range of each other based on node distance using OWCA technique.
Each cluster has a cluster head while some cluster members are in communication range with cluster head based on node distance using OWCA technique.
Mobile nodes s= {[S.sub.1], [S.sub.2], [S.sub.3]..., [S.sub.n]} divided into clusters c= {[C.sub.1], [C.sub.2], [C.sub.3]..., [C.sub.m]} using (OWCA) 3.
The proposed cluster-based energy efficiency model with security is implemented through Optimized Weight Based Clustering Algorithm with Security (OWCAS) alongside an energy computational model.
Similarly, the noun owca SG 'sheep', in plural form owce 'sheep PL', leads to the plural noun *sheeps, which is incorrect with -s, and the noun statek kosmiczny SG, 'aircraft', in plural statki kosmiczne 'aircraft', encourages the erroneous use of -s in *aircrafts.
Polish equivalent nouns to those in (1) have both forms: singular and morphologically marked plural: ryba SG, ryby PL for 'fish' DU, dorsz DU, dorsze PL for 'cod' DU, owca SG, owce PL for 'sheep' DU, statek powietrzny SG, statki powietrzne PL for 'aircraft' DU.
Prior to this appointment, he presented claims before the OWCA Second Injury Board and provided legal advice to its members.
Lee established a successful track record as a mediator in OWCA District I East, resolving more than 60 percent of the cases he mediated.
Man in the search of meaning (Czlowiek w poszukiwaniu sensu), Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Czarna Owca; 2009.
W poszukiwaniu ostatecznego sensu); Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Czarna Owca; 2012.25p (Polish)
W poszukiwaniu ostatecznego sensu); Warszawa; Wydawnictwo Czarna Owca; 2012.
S H OWCAS E Left, youngsters watch a hairdressing demo and, right, a student performs at the event