OWDSOffender Workforce Development Specialist (National Institute of Corrections)
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th' owd man wad ha' laced 'em properly - but he's goan!"
In addition, DWD set a goal to have at least one certified OWDS in each of its 90 WorkOne employment offices throughout the state.
OWDS can be an integral part of an offender workforce development initiative.
The key findings of an ongoing evaluation project focusing on the impact of the OWD services provided to a purposefully selected sample of 112 offenders by KDOC are outlined below.
OWDS partnership training is fundamental to a comprehensive reentry initiative that helps communities meet the work force development needs of its offenders and pretrial defendants.
Highly competent officers who possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to provide quality employment services to the offenders on their caseloads certainly helps; there are currently 16 ED/MO probation officers who have been trained on work force development issues via NIC's OWDS training.
The OWDS Partnership Training Program provides participants with the skills needed to assist offenders with career planning, job placement, job retention and career advancement.
Based on career theory, the OWDS curriculum is endorsed by the National Career Development Association and leads to a nationally recognized Global Career Development Facilitator certificate.