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Oweis said water policies in the region do not give water the value it deserves, thus putting at risk strategic reserves for future generations.
Zhang H, Oweis T, Garabet S and M Pala Water-use efficiency and transpiration efficiency of wheat under rain-fed conditions and supplemental irrigation in a Mediterranean type environment.
During a meeting on Sunday, JUST President Wajeeh Oweis and the Head of Nuclear Engineering Department at Munich University also discussed means of encouraging exchange of scientific and technical expertise through increasing the number of lecturers exchanges.
Our data also disagree with the data from Tvakkoli and Oweis (2004) that reported average grain yields of 3857 > 3350 > 2647 kg [ha.
Oweis was born in Wayne, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, on July 10, 1969.
The sources said that Abu Ahd Taqtiqeh and Abu Oweis al-Maqrebi, two senior commanders of Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at, have been killed in clashes with Syria's Tahrir Front in Jabal al-Zawiyeh region in Southern Idlib.
The prime minister, accompanied by health minister Mahmoud Sheyab and Higher Education Minister Wajih Oweis and other officials, toured various facilities of the centre, including the cell production unit (good manufacturing practices), microscopy lab, clinical treatment unit and day care unit.
Um Oweis played a number of roles, and was proven to have a close relationship with the well-known user name "Al-Monasiroon," who is facing charges of attacking security authorities in the Kingdom online, as well as challenging the state's authority and ability to apply Shariah.
The ceremony was attended by the German Embassy's Director of Foreign Relations Hanan Abdel-Rida, head representative of the German Red Cross Erhard Bauer, head of the Lebanese Red Cross Suzanne Oweis and head of Lebanese Red Cross Operations George Kittaneh.
The mosque of Ammar bin Yassir and Oweis al-Qarni was a popular Shiite shrine for pilgrims travelling from Iran, Lebanon and Iraq before Sunni rebels took control of it last year after battling Syrian armed forces, Reuters reported.
Mohammad Marwan Oweis has just finished work and was on his