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Oweis said water policies in the region do not give water the value it deserves, thus putting at risk strategic reserves for future generations.
Oweis T and H Zhang Water-use efficiency: index for optimizing supplemental irrigation of wheat in water scarce areas.
The compiler of the book, Oweis (Arab language and culture, Santa Clara University) is also an artist.
During a meeting on Sunday, JUST President Wajeeh Oweis and the Head of Nuclear Engineering Department at Munich University also discussed means of encouraging exchange of scientific and technical expertise through increasing the number of lecturers exchanges.
Oweis was born in Wayne, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, on July 10, 1969.
As Oweis says, "on land receiving 150mms of rainfall, hardly any crop can be produced.
Mohammad Marwan Oweis has just finished work and was on his
Dr Oweis is proud of the centres' competitive edge: "Our educational system is of the highest quality in terms of curricula, training and assessments and [the courses are] 70% practical and 30% theoretical.
Amman, Mar 16 (Petra) -- Education minister Wajih Oweis on Saturday stressed the importance of upgrading the quality of public and private education with emphasis on the training of teachers as "educators and role models.
Chief Executive Officer of Economic Group Issam al Oweis said that the exhibition would focus on green building technologies.
Especially this month in Taybeh, it was simply a very dark black day when the twenty-three year old Izzat Nael Oweis died of a heart attack so you do not dare go visit his home in any bright colors.