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OWENOffshore Wind Energy Network (Oxfordshire, UK)
OWENOlder Workers Employment Network (est. 2002; UK)
OWENOntwikkelen Web Examens Nederland (Dutch: Web Development Examinations Netherlands)
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After the old watchmaker and his pretty daughter had gazed at him out of the obscurity of the street, Owen Warland was seized with a fluttering of the nerves, which made his hand tremble too violently to proceed with such delicate labor as he was now engaged upon.
Owen examined the article and pronounced it fashioned according to his wish.
Why, yes," said Robert Danforth, his strong voice filling the shop as with the sound of a bass viol, "I consider myself equal to anything in the way of my own trade; though I should have made but a poor figure at yours with such a fist as this," added he, laughing, as he laid his vast hand beside the delicate one of Owen.
Very probably," answered the low and slender voice of Owen.
replied Owen Warland, with a movement of disgust; for he was full of little petulances.
cried the blacksmith, breaking out into such an uproar of laughter that Owen himself and the bell glasses on his work-board quivered in unison.
She's waiting in the passage outside,' said Owen, simply.
I wish I could make some money,' said Owen, thoughtfully.
For the first few days after his parting with Mr Sheppherd, Owen was in heroic mood, full of vaguely dashing schemes, regarding the world as his oyster, and burning to get at it, sword in hand.
Except for these, Owen had fancied that he was alone in the house.
Nor, until the last day of his visit, did Owen see old Mrs Dorman.
Todd, as soon as the good woman had recovered from the bewilderment of hearing what our errand was in Cumberland, and I arranged with her husband that John Owen was to be committed to the ready hospitality of the farm-servants.