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OWENOffshore Wind Energy Network (Oxfordshire, UK)
OWENOlder Workers Employment Network (est. 2002; UK)
OWENOntwikkelen Web Examens Nederland (Dutch: Web Development Examinations Netherlands)
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Nor, until the last day of his visit, did Owen see old Mrs Dorman.
A boyhood spent in the place, added to this ten days' stay, had made Owen something of a linguist.
Pots,' said the old woman, and she was still mumbling the encouraging word when Owen left the kitchen and returned to the sitting-room.
As Owen turned, he gave tongue in a voice like the discharge of a broadside.
Owen reproached himself bitterly for his momentary loss of presence of mind.
Audrey was out of town when Owen arrived in London, but she returned a week later.
Why, yes," said Robert Danforth, his strong voice filling the shop as with the sound of a bass viol, "I consider myself equal to anything in the way of my own trade; though I should have made but a poor figure at yours with such a fist as this," added he, laughing, as he laid his vast hand beside the delicate one of Owen.
Very probably," answered the low and slender voice of Owen.
replied Owen Warland, with a movement of disgust; for he was full of little petulances.
cried the blacksmith, breaking out into such an uproar of laughter that Owen himself and the bell glasses on his work-board quivered in unison.
How strange it is," whispered Owen Warland to himself, leaning his head upon his hand, "that all my musings, my purposes, my passion for the beautiful, my consciousness of power to create it,--a finer, more ethereal power, of which this earthly giant can have no conception,--all, all, look so vain and idle whenever my path is crossed by Robert Danforth
For a time Owen Warland succumbed to this severe but inevitable test.